Detention/Retention for Citrus Stormwater Management
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stormwater management
stormwater sewer systems
climate-smart agriculture


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Boman, Brian, Chris Wilson, Mark Jennings, and Sanjay Shukla. 2002. “Detention/Retention for Citrus Stormwater Management: Circular 1/AE216, 6/2002”. EDIS 2002 (3). Gainesville, FL.


Circular 1405 addresses the critical aspects of detention/retention for citrus stormwater management. Authored by experts in agricultural and biological engineering, soil and water science, and the Florida Department of Agriculture, this publication offers guidance on surface water management regulations, soil and vegetation considerations, floodplain encroachment, off-site discharge planning, and permit requirements for agricultural projects in Florida. The document emphasizes the importance of balancing water resource management to protect Florida's water resources while supporting agricultural development.
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