Bacterial Black Spot (BBS) of Mango in Florida
Mangos on trees. Photo taken 06-27-18.  Photo Credits:  UF/IFAS Photo by Tyler Jones
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bacterial black spot
bacterial cancker
Mangifera indica

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Crane, Jonathan Henry, and Romina Gazis. 2020. “Bacterial Black Spot (BBS) of Mango in Florida: HS1369, 9/2020”. EDIS 2020 (5). Gainesville, FL.


Bacterial black spot, caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas citri pv. mangiferaeindicae, is a relatively new (~2015) bacterial disease in Florida that has the potential to limit mango production of some cultivars. This new 6-page fact sheet provides the current knowledge and status of the disease potential on various cultivars. Written by Jonathan Crane and Romina Gazis, and published by the UF/IFAS Horticultural Sciences Department.
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