Production of Miscanthus x giganteus for Biofuel
A man standing in front of stands of Miscanthus x giganteus.



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Erickson, John, Curtis Rainbolt, Yoana Newman, Lynn Sollenberger, and Zane Helsel. 2012. “Production of Miscanthus X Giganteus for Biofuel: SS-AGR-292/AG297, Rev. 9/2012”. EDIS 2012 (9). Gainesville, FL.


The bioenergy industry has primarily used Miscanthus for combustion in power plants. It has desirable properties of low water and ash contents following a dry-down period before harvest. Current research is focused on its potential as a biomass crop for direct combustion and for lignocellulosic conversion to ethanol and other biofuels. This revised 3-page fact sheet was written by John Erickson, Curtis Rainbolt, Yoana Newman, Lynn Sollenberger, and Zane Helsel, and published by the UF Department of Agronomy, September 2012.


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