Macrocybe titans: The Mushroom Giant of the Western Hemisphere
a line of various sizes of recently-picked Macrocybe  titans mushrooms
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Karlsen-Ayala, Elena, and Matthew Smith. 2020. “Macrocybe Titans: The Mushroom Giant of the Western Hemisphere”. EDIS 2020 (2).


The aptly named <i>Macrocybe titans</i>, meaning "giant head," is the largest known gilled mushroom in the Western Hemisphere. This species was originally described from Florida but can be found across the southeastern United States as well as the Caribbean, Central America, and parts of South America. These mushrooms are often found in clusters with the caps growing as large as 3 ft wide and 1&ndash;1.5 ft tall! This species was first discovered in Gainesville, Florida, and is generally found near buildings or roads. This new three-page publication of the UF/IFAS Plant Pathology Department describes these giant mushrooms, their discovery, and where to find them. Written by Elena Karlsen-Ayala and Matthew E. Smith.<br /><a href=""></a>

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