Chapter 4 — Restoring Trees After a Hurricane
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Gilman, Edward F., and Traci Partin. 2008. “Chapter 4 — Restoring Trees After a Hurricane: ENH 1054/EP300, 9/2007”. EDIS 2008 (1). Gainesville, FL.


ENH-1054, a 10-page full-color fact sheet by Edward F. Gilman and Traci Partin, is part of the Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program series. It provides a step-by-step guide for restoring trees after a hurricane or windstorm so that trees can bring beauty and shade back to the community with reduced risk. Published by the UF Department of Environmental Horticulture, September 2007.

ENH 1054/EP300: Chapter 4—Restoring Trees after a Hurricane (
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