Performance of Foreign Cane Germplasm on Florida Sandlands
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Gilbert, Robert A., J. D. Miller, Jack C. Comstock, B. Glaz, and Serge J. Edme. 2007. “Performance of Foreign Cane Germplasm on Florida Sandlands: SS AGR 270/SC084, 8/2007”. EDIS 2007 (19). Gainesville, FL.


This document is SS-AGR-270, part of the Florida Sugarcane Handbook, published by the UF Agronomy Department, June - October 2007.

SS-AGR-270/SC084: Performance of Foreign Sugarcane Germplasm on Florida Sandlands (
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Gilbert, R.A., Shine Jr. J.M., Miller, J.D., Rice, R.W. and Rainbolt, C.R. 2006. The effect of genotype, environment and time of harvest on sugarcane yields in Florida, USA. Field Crops Res. 95:156-170.