Spreadsheet to Calculate the Economic Feasibility of Anaerobic Manure Digesters on Florida Dairy Farms
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de Vries, Albert, Russ G. Giesy, Ann C. Wilkie, and Roger A. Nordstedt. 2006. “Spreadsheet to Calculate the Economic Feasibility of Anaerobic Manure Digesters on Florida Dairy Farms: AN176/AN176, 9/2006”. EDIS 2006 (33). Gainesville, FL. https://doi.org/10.32473/edis-an176-2006.


AN176, a 2-page fact sheet by Albert de Vries, Russ G. Giesy, Ann C. Wilkie, Roger A. Nordstedt, describes a spreadsheet that evaluates the economic feasibility of investment in anaerobic manure digesters on Florida dairy farms that use hydraulic flushing systems for manure management. Includes a link to the spreadsheet and references. Published by the UF Animal Sciences Department, September 2006.

Minor revision January 2009. Retired from EDIS public site March 30, 2021



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