Fish Nematode Huffmanela spp. (Enoplea: Trichinellida: Trichosomoididae)
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Gillett-Kaufman, Jennifer Lynn, and Fauve Wilson. 2021. “Fish Nematode Huffmanela Spp. (Enoplea: Trichinellida: Trichosomoididae): EENY744/IN1276, 1/2020”. EDIS 2021 (2). Gainesville, FL:4.


Huffmanela is a genus of parasitic nematodes in the family Trichosomoididae. Huffmanela species infest only one freshwater fish species and a small number­­ of saltwater fishes. They commonly affect many tissues in particular the swim bladder, gut mucosa, skin, and musculature (Carballo and Navone 2007).
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