About ORCIDs and EDIS

We encourage all EDIS authors and contributors to register for an ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) and include that ID with their submissions. UF-affiliated authors can both register and connect their ORCID to their UF directory at the same time at the ORCID @ UF site.

As of September 2021, UF/IFAS through Florida Online Journals ORCID membership has been sending emails to authors allowing them to add or authenticate their ORCiDs associated with their submissions.  

Among the benefits to researchers, 

  • it is a free, unique, persistent identifier that disambiguates you and your work.
  • Using your iD makes life easier for you and the institutions and organizations you connect with throughout your research career

Register for ORCID @ UF and/or connect your ORCID to your UF profile

Register for an ORCiD (non-UF authors)

ORCID Researcher FAQs

The widely adopted use of digital persistent identifiers (DPIs) is a critical step in easing administrative burden for researchers.  ORCID is a commonly used DPI for researchers, and many publishers and funders already require an ORCID iD.  Users control the privacy of the information displayed in their ORCID record and determine what, how and with whom information is shared. 

Federal sponsors are making changes to how key person information is submitted proposals.  ORCID iDs are a key part of these changes.  UF-affiliatd authors: We are working with UF Research on an effort to help researchers populate their ORCID record and curate their data.  Connecting your ORCID iD to UF is the first step and should take less than a minute to complete (this step is needed even if your ORCID iD has already been added to the UF Directory).