Pesticide Labeling: Protection of Pollinators
Emergent growth of East Indian hygrophila. Figure 1 from publication SS-AGR-411/AG413: East Indian Hygrophila: Hygrophila polysperma (Roxb.) T. Anderson. Credit: Lyn Gettys, UF/IFAS.
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honey bees
Bees for pollination

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Fishel, Frederick M., James D. Ellis, and Eugene McAvoy. 2017. “Pesticide Labeling: Protection of Pollinators: PI271/PI271, 4/2017”. EDIS 2017 (2).


On January 12, 2017 following a public comment period, the EPA announced its Policy to Mitigate the Acute Risk to Bees from Pesticide Products. This policy represents the EPA’s recommended labeling statements to mitigate acute risks to bees from pesticide products. This policy is not a regulation or an order and, therefore, does not legally compel changes to pesticide product registrations. This document outlines the highlights of the EPA policy.
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