Florida Rainfall Data Sources and Types
Emergent growth of East Indian hygrophila. Figure 1 from publication SS-AGR-411/AG413: East Indian Hygrophila: Hygrophila polysperma (Roxb.) T. Anderson. Credit: Lyn Gettys, UF/IFAS.
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Florida Climate

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Zhang, Meijing, Young Gu Her, Katie Migiliaccio, and Clyde Fraisse. 2017. “Florida Rainfall Data Sources and Types: AE517/AE517, 1/2017”. EDIS 2017 (2). Gainesville, FL:5. https://doi.org/10.32473/edis-ae517-2017.


This new 5-page document introduces the sources, providers, and types of rainfall data available to Florida researchers and residents to promote understanding of the rainfall data and their application in studies and daily life. Written by Meijing Zhang, Young Gu Her, Kati Migliaccio, and Clyde Fraisse, and published by the UF Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, January 2017.

AE517/AE517: Florida Rainfall Data Sources and Types (ufl.edu)

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