Planning and Establishing On-Farm Field Trials
Horticultural Sciences students working garden plots at the teaching farm.
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demonstration plots;
on-farm research
on-farm trials
field day

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Wallau, Marcelo, Esteban Rios, and Ann Blount. 2021. “Planning and Establishing On-Farm Field Trials: SS-AGR-447/AG447, 01/2021”. EDIS 2021 (1). Gainesville, FL.


Planning and preparation can increase chances of successful outcomes from demonstration plots. This 5-page publication focuses on guiding the successful establishment of demonstration trials and is targeted to county, regional, and state specialized Extension faculty who aim to develop on-farm research and demonstration sites as part of their programs. Written by Marcelo Wallau, Esteban Rios, and Ann Blount, and published by the UF/IFAS Agronomy Department, January 2021.
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