Prevention, Early Detection, and Eradication of Benghal Dayflower in Field Nurseries
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Stamps, Robert H. 2011. “Prevention, Early Detection, and Eradication of Benghal Dayflower in Field Nurseries: ENH1085/EP350, Rev. 5/2011”. EDIS 2011 (5/6).


Benghal dayflower is an increasingly problematic weed that is federally designated as a noxious weed. This revised 10-page fact sheet provides nursery owners how to prevent, detect, and eradicate this invasive plant. Written by Robert Stamps and published by the UF Department of Environmental Horticulture, May 2011.

ENH1085/EP350: Biology and Management of Benghal Dayflower (Commelina benghalensis) in Ornamental Crop Production (
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