Benefits of Cover Crops for Soil Health
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Newman, Yoana C., David L. Wright, Cheryl Mackowiak, J.M.S. Scholberg, and C. M. Cherr. 2007. “Benefits of Cover Crops for Soil Health: SS AGR 272/AG277, 11/2007”. EDIS 2007 (20). Gainesville, FL.


SS-AGR-272, a 4-page fact sheet by Y.C. Newman, D.W. Wright, C. Mackowiak, J.M.S. Scholberg and C.M. Cherr, discusses the benefits of cover crops in agricultural production, the benefits of soil organic matter; how to match cover crop nutrient release with future crop demand; timing and depth of residue incorporation; and erosion, pest and weed control. Includes references. Published by the UF Department of Agronomy, November 2007.

SS AGR 272/AG277: Benefits of Cover Crops for Soil Health (
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