Life Skill Development of Oklahoma 4-H Alumni
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Maass, Sarah E., Carolyn S. Wilken, Joy Jordan, Gerald Culen, and Nick Place. 2006. “Life Skill Development of Oklahoma 4-H Alumni: 4H-REF-01/4H250, 5/2006”. EDIS 2006 (15). Gainesville, FL.


4H-REF-01, an 11-page report by Sarah E. Maass, Carolyn S. Wilken, Joy Jordan, Gerald Cullen, and Nick Place, presents the results of a study assessing the effect of long-term 4-H participation on the development of life-skill competencies, specifically critical thinking, goal setting, communication, cooperation, conflict resolution, problem solving, decision making, and community service. Published through the UF 4-H Youth Development Program, May 2006.


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