Compressible Fluid Flow in Tubes: A Demonstration or Laboratory Module


  • Paul Scovazzo University of Mississippi



Application of incompressible flow equations in situations with substantial fluid decompression leads to significant errors. While examples of Bernoulli’s incompressible flow equation appear numerous times in the engineering curriculum, examples of compressible flow are fewer. Discussed is a laboratory/demonstration module for compressible fluid flow, without the safety concerns of using compressed gases, complete with equipment fabrication directions. Included are insights from students using a prototype of the presented material in a senior unit operations laboratory.

Author Biography

Paul Scovazzo, University of Mississippi

Paul Scovazzo, PE, an educator and engineer, has been a faculty or guest instructor at four higher education institutions.  He developed peer instruction educational modules used by other instructors.  He served on the Board of the University (of Mississippi) Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning.  As an engineer, he implemented projects in environmental remediation and transport phenomena for the energy, manufacturing, and government sectors.  Publications include environmental engineering, membrane science, and microgravity topics.