Editorial Team

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Dr. Donald P. Visco, Jr., University of Akron

Associate Editor

Dr. Joseph H. Holles, New Mexico State University

Dr. Lisa Bullard, North Carolina State University

Assistant Editor

Dr. Allison Godwin, Purdue University

Dr. David Silverstein, University of Kentucky

Dr. Monica Lamm, Iowa State University

Dr. Justin Shaffer, Colorado School of Mines

Dr. Troy Vogel, University of Notre Dame

Lifelong Learning Editor

Dr. Lisa Bullard, North Carolina State University

Class and Home Problems Editor

Dr. David Silverstein, Univ. of Kentucky

Access Editor

Dr. Carlos Rinaldi, University of Florida

Publication Board

Dr. Milo Koretsky, Tufts University • Publication Board Chair

Dr. Adrienne Minerick, Michigan Technological University • Publication Board Vice Chair

Dr. Polly Piergiovanni, Lafayette College

Dr. John Falconer, University of Colorado

Dr. Laura Ford, University of Tulsa

Dr. Matthew Cooper, North Carolina State University

Dr. C. Stewart Slater, Rowan University

Dr. Lorenz Biegler, Carnegie-Mellon University

Dr. Taryn Bayles, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Jason Bara, University of Alabama

Dr. Uttandaraman Sundararaj, University of Calgary

Dr. Ashlee Ford Versypt, University at Buffalo

Dr. LaRuth McAfee, University of Delaware

Dr. Jennifer Cole, Northwestern University