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  • Margot Vigeant Bucknell University




Readers at ABET-accredited institutions may be familiar with General Engineering Program Criterion 5, which in part says that the curriculum shall contain “a culminating major engineering design experience that 1) incorporates appropriate engineering standards and multiple constraints[1].” Those of us who teach capstone design generally have little challenge in identifying problems that fully embrace the “multiple constants” part of this criterion, but some folks struggle a bit more with the “standards.” Chemical Engineering isn’t like Electrical, Mechanical, of Civil Engineering, where there are published standards that practically govern your morning tea (or at least the appropriate amperage and pressure of your electric kettle and the construction of the kitchen-cabinets in which the kettle is stored!)

Author Biography

Margot Vigeant, Bucknell University

Margot Vigeant is Rooke Professor of Chemical Engineering at Bucknell University. She teaches chemical engineering thermodynamics, applied food science and engineering, and capstone design. Margot’s broad research area is effective pedagogy in engineering, including approaches to conceptual learning and inquiry-based activities for thermodynamics and heat transfer. She is also interested in “making” in engineering and using technology to broaden engagement and access. Margot completed her doctorate at the University of Virginia. She is an ASEE Fellow, Apple Distinguished Educator, and chair of the 2022 ASEE Chemical Engineering Summer School. 






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