Development of Contemporary Problem-Based Learning Projects in Particle Technology


  • Andrew T. Harris University of Sydney


The University of Sydney has offered an undergraduate course in particle technology using a contemporary problem based learning (PBL) methodology since 2005. Student learning is developed through the solution of complex, open-ended problems drawn from modern chemical engineering practice. Two examples are presented; i) zero emission electricity from coal and ii) the large-scale synthesis of carbon nanotubes. Feedback from course evaluations suggest students find the course difficult, but value the generic attributes the teaching and learning style helps to develop.

Author Biography

Andrew T. Harris, University of Sydney

Andrew Harris is an associate professor at the University of Sydney and director of the Laboratory for Sustainable Technology, a multidisciplinary research group with interests in sustainable process development and nanomaterials. At Sydney, he lectures in product design, particle technology, and "green" engineering and makes extensive use of problem-based teaming in all of these areas.