A Survey of the Role of Thermodynamics and Transport Properties in Chemical Engineering University Education in Europe and the USA


  • Peter Ahlström University of Borås
  • Karel Aim University of Borås
  • Ralf Dohrn University of Borås
  • J. Richard Elliott University of Borås
  • George Jackson University of Borås
  • Jean-Noel Jaubert University of Borås
  • Eugénia A. Macedo University of Borås
  • Juha-Pekka Pokki University of Borås
  • Kati Reczey University of Borås
  • Alexey Victorov University of Borås
  • Ljudmila Fele Žilnik University of Borås
  • Ioannis G. Economou University of Borås


A survey on the teaching of thermodynamics and transport phenomena in chemical engineering curricula in European and US Universities was performed and results are presented here. Overall, 136 universities and colleges responded to the survey, out of which 81 from Europe and 55 from the USA. In most of the institutions responding at least two courses are offered related to the topic. The first course is centered around the fundamental laws of thermodynamics whereas phase equilibria is the main theme of the second course. Topics related to molecular issues are not commonly given. The most popular textbook used in Europe is Physical Chemistry by P.W. Atkins et al., while in the USA Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics of Smith, van Ness and Abbott is the first preference.