Food For Thought: Winesicle


  • Margot A. Vigeant Bucknell University



My husband and I were cooking up a nicer-than average roast chicken dinner when it independently occurred to each of us that:

a) it would be nice to have wine with dinner;

b) it ought to be white wine;

c) it ought to be chilled and;

d) that the chicken would be ready in 20 minutes which wasn’t enough time.

Thus, logically, the wine had to go into the freezer. We sat down to dinner, enjoyed the bird with a glass of white wine, and went on our merry way, all along failing to realize that as we both had had this idea, there was, in fact, another bottle of wine tucked into the recesses of the freezer. Where it stayed for several days and had frozen quite solid before I discovered it and then realized this presented an excellent occasion for some food thermodynamics! 

Author Biography

Margot A. Vigeant, Bucknell University

Margot A. Vigeant is co-acting president and interim provost at Bucknell University. She teaches chemical engineering thermodynamics, applied food science and engineering, and capstone design.  Margot’s broad research area is effective pedagogy in engineering, including approaches to conceptual learning and inquiry-based activities for thermodynamics and heat transfer.  She is also interested in “making” in engineering and using technology to broaden engagement and access.  Margot completed her doctorate at the University of Virginia.  She is an ASEE Fellow, Apple Distinguished Educator.





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