Sip Your Mass Balances


  • Margot Vigeant Bucknell University
  • Seth Pletcher



I’d like to introduce a co-author for this column - everyone, say hi to Seth, a 2023 graduate of our program! He’s here because he did a nifty undergraduate project with my colleague Jim Maneval that I want to share with you. It makes a great example for students pondering mass balances and the bigger picture of where our raw materials come from.


Author Biographies

Margot Vigeant, Bucknell University

Margot Vigeant is Rooke Professor of Chemical Engineering at Bucknell University. She teaches chemical engineering thermodynamics, applied food science and engineering, and capstone design. Margot's broad research area is effective pedagogy in engineering, including approaches to conceptual learning and inquiry-based activities for thermodynamics and heat transfer. She is interested in “making” in engineering and using technology to broaden engagement and access. Margot completed her doctorate at the University of Virginia. She is an ASEE Fellow, Apple Distinguished Educator.

Seth Pletcher

Seth Pletcher is a Bucknell Chemical Engineering graduate. Seth's research interest at Bucknell University concerned food quality and sustainability, with emphasis on the effect of industrial agricultural practices in modern farming systems. 





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