University Breadth Subject as an Entry to Chemical Engineering


  • Colin A. Scholes The University of Melbourne



Breadth subjects enable students to explore topics that are outside their core degree discipline and can be used to promote chemical engineering to non-engineering students. A breadth subject was created to be welcoming to all students, that presented energy issues through a chemical engineering context. Contact was through lectures, flipped classes and tutorials that were formulated to introduce engineering concepts. The subject was well received by student and a successful strategy to engage non-engineering students.

Author Biography

Colin A. Scholes, The University of Melbourne

Colin A. Scholes, PhD, CChem FRACI CEng MIChemE is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He is an expert in clean energy processing and membrane science, particularly developing strategies to assist the transition to a low carbon future. He is also a passionate engineering educator to people from disadvantage backgrounds. He has worked with disadvantaged communities in Australia and the Pacific on sustainable engineering and energy projects.