A “Second-chance” Course in Heat Transfer


  • Robert H Davis University of Colorado
  • Janet deGrazia University of Colorado Boulder




An intensive course in heat transfer was created for the winter break between semesters to provide students with a “second chance” to learn the material and receive a grade of C- or better required to take the subsequent courses in the chemical engineering curriculum. It includes on-line and in-person instruction. Over the three years offered, students have achieved a pass rate of over 95%, both in the intensive course and in subsequent core courses.

Author Biographies

Robert H Davis, University of Colorado

Robert H. Davis, PhD, is the Tisone Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research interests are in fluid mechanics, membrane separations, biotechnology and education. He was the engineering dean at the University of Colorado during 2002-2017 and teaches transport phenomena, kinetics and reactor design, and mathematical methods now that he has returned to the faculty. He earned his PhD from Stanford University. ORCID: 0000-0003-2143-2785

Janet deGrazia, University of Colorado Boulder

Janet deGrazia, PhD, is a Teaching Professor Emerita in Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. She has won several teaching and mentoring awards and published articles in educational journals and conference proceedings. She continues to create online teaching materials for LearnChemE. She earned her PhD from the University of Colorado.



2021-07-11 — Updated on 2021-10-28