Medical Surveillance and the Undergraduate Thesis


  • Ian A. Furzer University of Sydney


Medical surveillance or health surveillance is an important component of occupational health and safety legislation in many countries.  Students engaged in an undergraduate thesis for one semester could come into contact with solvents in numerous distillation experiments.  Good laboratory practice is required to minimize student exposure to solvents.  Medical surveillance is through blood tests for solvents, before and after the laboratory period.  Students estimate their hourly exposure and become aware of the exposure hazard.  This can have beneficial effects in a flow-on effect when students begin chemical engineering design.

Author Biography

Ian A. Furzer, University of Sydney

Ian Furzer, has been a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Enginering at the University of Sydney for over twenty-five years. He has extensive teaching and research interests that include computing, process simulation, and chemical engineering plant design. He is the author of over eighty research publications and the textbook Distillation for University Students.