Inexpensive and Simple Binary Molecular Diffusion Experiments


  • Kyung C. Kwon Tuskegee University
  • Taleb H. Ibrahim Tuskegee University
  • YoonKook Park Tuskegee University
  • Christy M. Simmons Tuskegee University


We have added a binary molecular diffusion experiment to the Senior Unit Operations Laboratory Course to improve its course contents according to the ABET 2000 criteria.  The experiment is designed as an extension of the mass transfer course, the transport phenomena course, and the engineering mathematics course.

Author Biographies

Kyung C. Kwon, Tuskegee University

K.C. Kwon is Professor of Chemical Engineering at Tuskegee University. He received his BS from Hanyang University, his MS from the University of Denver, and his PhD from Colorado School of Mines. His research interests include reaction kinetics, coal conversion, adsorption separation, metal oxide sorbents, and transport properties.

Taleb H. Ibrahim, Tuskegee University

T.H. Ibrahim is Assistant Professor at American University of Sharjah, UAE. He received his BS from Tuskegee University, his MS from Tuskegee University and Auburn University, and his PhD from Auburn University. His research interests include interfacial phenomena/surface, colloidal science, and material science.

YoonKook Park, Tuskegee University

YoonKook Park is Assistant Professor at Tuskegee University. He received his PhD in chemical engineering from Auburn University in 2000. After a postdoctoral fellow at the same university, he joined the Tuskegee University faculty in 2001. His research interests are phase and chemical equilibria, and reaction in supercritical fluid media.

Christy M. Simmons, Tuskegee University

C.M. Simmons is a chemical engineer with the 3M Company in Decatur, Alabama. She received her BS degree in chemical engineering from Tuskegee University.