Coffee on Demand: A Two-Hour Design Problem


  • S. Scott Moor Lafayette College


Often in design classes we have one major project.  To give our students an additional project, I developed a two-hour in-class design problem.  It is done at the beginning of the final semester.  The problem is to design a system to deliver coffee on demand to all chemical engineering faculty members' offices.  The students enjoy the project, it gets them going again, and it provides a springboard for discussion of the design process.

Author Biography

S. Scott Moor, Lafayette College

S. Scott Moor is Assistant Professor of chemical engineering at Lafayette College. He received a BS and MS in chemical engineering from MIT. After a decade in industry, he returned to academia at the University of California at Berkeley where he received a PhD in chemical engineering and an MA in statistics. He teaches courses in plant design, kinetics, chemical engineering laboratories, process control, and introduction to engineering. His current research focuses on the visualization of fluid and transport dynamics in Wurster coating, in fluidized beds, and in spray drying.