Spreadsheet Solutions to Two-Dimensional Heat Transfer Problems


  • Ronald S. Besser Louisiana Tech University


The ability to solve two-dimensional (2-D) heat transfer problems is a potent tool for both the student and the practicing engineer. Most of these problems, however, are difficult to solve without sophisticated numerical methods. This paper outlines an approach for solving 2-D problems using common spreadsheet applications. This method opens up a world of new situations for the student to explore and appreciate and uncovers the mystery behind commercial solvers without having to get into the fine details of programming advanced numerical methods.

Author Biography

Ronald S. Besser, Louisiana Tech University

Ronald S. Besser has been Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Louisiana Tech University Institute for Micro-manufacturing since 1999. He holds a BS in chemical engineering from U. C. Berkeley, and an MS and PhD in materials science and engineering from Stanford University. His research and development interests are in chemical-MEMS and sensors, thin-film materials, plasma deposition and etching, sub-micron processing, device physics, and characterization.