Developing Troubleshooting Skills in the Unit Operations Laboratory


  • Aziz M. Abu-Khalaf King Saud University


This paper shows how to develop troubleshooting skills in the unit operations laboratory (UOL). It presents the concepts of problem solving and troubleshooting, the approaches to troubleshooting in industry, and how to acquire troubleshooting skills in the UOL. A strategy to troubleshoot in the UOL is developed that is based on understanding thinking skills, problem-solving heuristics, and the approaches to troubleshoot in industry. A program is used to develop these skills in an integrated approach with other skills. Students are expected to develop and improve troubleshooting skills by practicing, monitoring their actions, feedback, and reflecting to check the effectiveness of the method.

Author Biography

Aziz M. Abu-Khalaf, King Saud University

Aziz M. Abu-khalaf has educational interests that include developing new objectives and improving the performance of laboratories at the Chemical Engineering Department at King Saud University. Research interests include controlled release systems and corrosion. He can be reached by e-mail at <>.