Novel Concepts for Teaching Particle Technology


  • Wolfgang Peukert Munich University of Technology
  • Hans-Joachim Schmid Munich University of Technology


Preparation and handling of particles and powders is essential in various key technologies. New opportunities are evolving in areas that are unfamiliar to chemical engineers.  From an educational perspective, our answer to this shift of paradigms is that teaching the fundamentals becomes even more important.  The examples presented to the students may change, however. A key item of our curriculum is the product property approach.  Although it is still very difficult to describe complete process chains, we sharpen the student’s awareness for the complete process.  The courses are organized in three levels: fundamentals, unit operations and processes/applications.  From the methodological point of view, the students are encouraged to play an active role, thus strengthening their social skills such as self-reflection.

Author Biographies

Wolfgang Peukert, Munich University of Technology

Wolfgang Peukert got his diploma degree in Chemical Engineering (1984) and PhD (1990) at Karlsruhe University. In 1998 he became a full professor at Munich University of Technology. He is the chair of solids and interface process technology. He also leads the particle technology research group and teaches particle technology.

Hans-Joachim Schmid, Munich University of Technology

Hans-Joachim Schmid got his diploma degree in chemical engineering (1993) and PhD in mechanical process engineering {1998) from the University of Karlsruhe. He is a research assistant in the particle technology group at MUT. His main research interests are multiphase flows and particle characterization.