Using a Commercial Movie as an Educational Experience: An Alternative Laboratory Exercise


  • Martin J. Pitt University of Sheffield
  • Janet E. Robinson University of Sheffield


The design project forms an integral part of a undergraduate degree in chemical engineering accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Traditionally, the design project has been geared toward designing a theoretical, proven process to manufacture a commodity chemical. A recent design project showed that students are capable of taking an active role in an industrial design, not just of the plant but also of a product cream. Experimental measurements were taken to define product performance and to supplement the design.

Author Biographies

Martin J. Pitt, University of Sheffield

Martin Pitt has a Master's and a PhD degree in chemical engineering from the Universities of Aston in Birmingham and Loughborough, respectively He worked in industry as a project chemical engineer and a chemical plant manager before becoming an academic in 1985. He looks after the second-year pilot plant laboratories and third-year design projects.

Janet E. Robinson, University of Sheffield

Janet Robinson is a third-year student of chemical and process engineering at the University of Sheffield. When she wrote the report contained in this paper she was a second-year student.