Water Day: An Experiential Lecture for Fluid Mechanics


  • Laura P. Ford University of Tulsa


Summer School Poster Session Paper

Water Day has been added to an introductory fluid mechanics course to provide students with experience in fluid flow phenomena. It emphasizes sensing, visual, and active learning styles and appeals to somatic understanding. The students observe flow from a tank, watch a spinning sprinkler, and knock over a block with a water stream. The phenomena are quantitatively covered during the semester, and the experience is reinforced at semester end with an extra-credit assignment.

Author Biography

Laura P. Ford, University of Tulsa

Laura P. Ford is an Assistant Professor at the University of Tulsa. She received her BS from Oklahoma State University and her MS and PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, all in chemical engineering. She does research in chemical vapor etching of metals and intrinsic bioremediation of oil and brine spills.






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