Random Thoughts: The 10 Worst Teaching Mistakes II. Mistakes 1–4


  • Richard M. Felder North Carolina State University
  • Rebecca Brent Education Designs, Inc.


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Author Biographies

Richard M. Felder, North Carolina State University

Richard M. Felder is Hoechst Celanese Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University. He is coauthor of Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes (Wiley, 2005) and numerous articles on chemical process engineering and engineering and science education, and regularly presents workshops on effective college teaching at campuses and conferences around the world. Many of his publications can be seen at <www.ncsu.edu/felder-public>.

Rebecca Brent, Education Designs, Inc.

Rebecca Brent is an education consultant specializing in faculty development for effective university teaching, classroom and computer-based simulations in teacher education, and K-12 staff development in language arts and classroom management. She codirects the ASEE National Effective Teaching Institute and has published articles on a variety of topics including writing in undergraduate courses, cooperative teaming, public school reform, and effective university teaching.