A Semi-Batch Reactor Experiment for the Undergraduate Laboratory


  • Mario Derevjanik New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Solmaz Badri New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Robert Barat New Jersey Institute of Technology


This experiment and analysis offer an economic yet challenging semi-batch reactor experience. Household bleach is pumped at a controlled rate into a batch reactor containing pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide solution. Batch temperature, product molecular oxygen, and the overall change in solution conductivity are metered. The reactor simulation combines published kinetics and molar conductivities with species and energy balances to predict the evolved oxygen rate, batch conductivity, and temperature. Comparisons between data and model are reasonably good.

Author Biographies

Mario Derevjanik, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Mario Derevjanik graduated from NJIT with a B.S. in chemical engineering in 2008. During his undergraduate career, Mario assisted Dr. Barat in developing new student experiments. Mario is working as a chemical engineer for ConSerTech, a small environmental consulting company. His current responsibilities, including VOC monitoring, are at the Conoco-Phillips refinery in Linden, NJ.

Solmaz Badri, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Solmaz Badri was born in Tehran, Iran, and came to the United States after completing high school. She joined NJIT and graduated in 2009, majoring in chemical engineering. She is now living in New York City, married to a physician, and working as an individual contractor. She dedicates her work and research to her newborn son, Amin Zamanian.

Robert Barat, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Robert Barat is currently a professor of chemical engineering at NJIT, where he has been a member of the faculty since 1990. He completed his Ph.D. in chemical engineering at MIT in 1990. His research has been in combustion, reactor engineering, environmental monitoring, applied optics, and is currently in applied catalysis. He is also the faculty coordinator for the chemical engineering laboratories at NJIT.