The Enhancement of Students’ Learning in Both Lower-Division and Upper-Division Classes by a Quiz-Based Approach


  • Sepideh Faraji California State University


In this study, an investigation into the proper use of weekly quizzes in chemical engineering program has been conducted. The traditional weekly homework assignments were replaced with weekly paper quizzes. Achievement levels of students were compared with those students who learn through traditional homework assignments only. The results show the quiz-based learning approach improves students’ learning in both lower division and upper division classes.

Author Biography

Sepideh Faraji, California State University

received both her B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemical engineering with honors from University of Tehran. After receiving her B. S. degree, she worked as a process engineer in oil, gas, and petrochemical industries for six years. In June 2010, she was awarded a Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering from the University of Kansas. Faraji joined the Chemical Engineering Department at CSULB in August 2010. Her current research areas are development of new heterogeneous catalysts, CO2 capture and utilization, ceramic materials, hydrogen production (for fuel cell applications), water treatment, and alternative fuels.