Student Performance on and Perceptions of Collaborative Two-Stage Exams in a Material and Energy Balances Course


  • Justin Franklin Shaffer Colorado School of Mines


Two-stage exams, in which students first complete an exam individually and then again as a group, have been used successfully in many disciplines to promote collaboration, learning, and retention of learning. However, it is unknown what the impacts of two-stage exams would be with chemical engineering students. In this study, two-stage exams were implemented in a material and energy balances course, and student performance on and perceptions of the individual and group components are compared.

Author Biography

Justin Franklin Shaffer, Colorado School of Mines

Justin F. Shaffer is a Teaching Associate Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. He teaches material and energy balances, introductory thermodynamics, introductory biology, and anatomy and physiology. His research focuses on the efficacy of components of high structure courses and engineering students’attitudes towards biology.