Interactive Quiz-Yourself Simulations

  • John L Falconer University of Colorado
Keywords: simulations, thermodynamics, material and energy balances, active learning


Twenty-two interactive simulations that require students to follow a step-by-step procedure were prepared for use in material and energy balances, thermodynamics, and separations courses. For each step, students input an answer and then the correct answer is displayed; hints are provided for most steps. To develop mastery, students can re-start the simulation with different values of the parameters. The simulations are available on the LearnChemE website (

Author Biography

John L Falconer, University of Colorado

John L. Falconer is the Mel and Virginia Clark Emeritus Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering and a President's Teaching Scholar at the University of Colorado Boulder. He has taught courses in thermodynamics, kinetics/reaction engineering, and catalysis.  He has directed the LearnChemE effort at the University of Colorado Boulder to prepare screencasts, ConcepTests, interactive simulations, interactive self-study modules, and course packages for chemical engineering courses.