Cultural Defeat of the Far Right in Modern America

  • Alexander Daniel Lowie University of Florida
Keywords: Political Anthropology, Alt-right, Nationalism, America


During the turbulent 2016 U.S. Presidential Election many far-right groups and personalities rose to prominence through alternative media sources, becoming outspoken voices in mainstream political discourse. Many were surprised by their growth in popularity and questioned how they developed their political beliefs, several of which seemed antithetical to “traditional” American values. In this paper, I will explore the origins of the numerous myths from which far-right voters base their ideology and I will attempt to connect them to the formation of political groups, such as the Proud Boys, as a result of Donald Trump’s campaign for the Presidential Election of 2016. I will also determine how internet platforms affect the cultivation and transmission of these foundational myths.

Editors' Note: the PDF of this article was removed at the author's request on 7 August 2020. 

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