The Learner Care Dashboard: An Innovation in Student Support


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Karpen, S., Howlett, B., King-Robertson, A., & Sanders, J. (2023). The Learner Care Dashboard: An Innovation in Student Support. Journal of Postsecondary Student Success, 2(3), 98–112.


Decades of research suggests that supportive faculty communication improves student retention and progression; however, most communication interventions occurred at on-site universities and were implemented briefly in one or several courses. In this article, we describe the outcomes of a consistent, personalized student outreach program implemented in every course and for students’ entire tenure at a fully online university. In 2019, Western Governors University launched a student support program called Learner-Centered Faculty (LCF)—a paradigm that focuses on just-in-time, personalized, student-centered faculty support at scale. We evaluated the impact of LCF on student retention and course completion rates and found that LCF-based intervention improved retention and course completion generally and was particularly beneficial for certain groups of students. In the future, we will examine the mechanisms underlying LCF’s success.
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Copyright (c) 2023 Samuel Karpen, Bernadette Howlett, Amy King-Robertson, Jennie Sanders


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