Conference Paper Proposal

Paper presentations should be prepared for an average 15-minute time span. Individual papers will be grouped by topic into paper sessions. Each paper session will include an introduction by a session facilitator, presentation of the papers, and audience questions and reactions. 

Anyone may submit a proposal, however presenters must be members of FERA and registered for the 2022 FERA Conference in order to be listed on the program. Proposals must be submitted electronically through the online FERA Proposal Submission System. Detailed instructions for using the online system can be found below.

During the submission process, you will be providing information on the following specific items.

  1. Title of the paper or symposium.
  2. Desired session format (paper, symposium, panel discussion, etc.).
  3. First author's name and institutional affiliation.
  4. First author's e-mail address, USPS address, and telephone number.
  5. Names of co-authors or co-presenters (if co-presenters will address different topics, such as in a symposium, list the topic for each co-presenter) and their institutional affiliations.
  6. If proposal is for a symposium, list the names and institutional affiliations of the organizer(s) and facilitator of the symposium.
  7. Abstract of the proposal. It should not exceed 100 words.
  8. Proposal Summary submitted as a file upload. The main body of the proposal text should not exceed five pages, double spaced. DO NOT IDENTIFY THE AUTHOR(S) OR THEIR INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATIONS ANYWHERE IN THE SUMMARY. This will provide for a blind review of the proposal.  This file should include:


a.      Title of the paper or symposium

e.                Methods

b.      Purpose

f.                 Results and conclusions

c.      Rationale and background

g.                Limitations

d.      Data source (population, sample, setting)

h.                Implications


Make a new submission to the FERA 2022 Conference Paper Proposal section.