Vol. 9 (1990)
Issue Description

A Late Classic Ceramic Standing Male Figure from Remojadas, Veracruz, Mexico, Myra Engelhardt

An Overlooked Source of Influence for the Fan Vaulting of the Chapel of Henry VII at Westminster Abbey, Virginia K. Henderson

The Artist as Patron: An Examination of the Supervisory and Patronal Activities of Giuseppe Cesari, the Cavaliere d’Arpino, Thomas M. Bayer

Procession and Return: Bacchus, Poussin, and the Conquest of Ancient Territory, Robert D. Meadows-Rogers

Lilly Martin Spencer: Genre, Aesthetics, and Gender in the Work of a Mid-Nineteenth Century American Woman Artist, Helen S. Langa

The Paradoxical Primitivism in the Early Art of Giorgio de Chirico (1911-17), Roxanne Farrar

The Place of the Skull: Rudolf Steiner and the First Goetheanum, David D. McKinney

El Lissitzky: Revolutionary Images from a Primitive Soul, Karen Richter-Hill

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