Towards Youth Mental Health Support: Developing a Prototype AI Counselor




Many youths suffer from mental, emotional, and behavioral
illnesses. Prevention and treatment require health professionals with empathetic and dedicated guidance that takes time
and frequent interfaces. Frequent visits to the professionals
are not always afforded for many youths. Automated AI chatbot can be a good alternative to visits to professionals. In this
study, an AI chatbot is designed and implemented with youth
engagement. Their engagement is aimed to identify the requirements for the automated consulting chatbot, and to generate responses that are using language style more relatable
to youths. As a preliminary study, youth engagement was
data analytics to understand drug overdose status. Their input
was used to identify design requirements that can help the
youth on drug issues. A prototype ChatDemi is implemented, trained with youth generated response dataset to
show the feasibility of AI-driven virtual counselor that generate responses to meet the needs of youths to cope with drug
abuse or other behavioral and mental illness prevention and

Author Biography

Teryn Cha, Essex County College

Associate Professor




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Cha, T., Cha, J., Lim, S., & Chun, S. (2024). Towards Youth Mental Health Support: Developing a Prototype AI Counselor. The International FLAIRS Conference Proceedings, 37(1).