Growth Mindset Emojifier Multimodal App


  • Yulia Kumar Kean University, USA
  • Anjana Manikandan Kean University
  • Patricia Morreale Kean University
  • J. Jenny Li Kean University



Large Language Models in Education, Emoji-Enhanced Feedback, Growth Mindset, ChatGPT


The study introduces the Growth Mindset Emojifier Multi-modal App (GMEMA), a novel application designed to improve educational feedback by including Growth Mindset and emojis. Using OpenAI’s AI models, GMEMA provides emotionally nuanced feedback to boost student engagement and foster growth mindsets. The application's capabilities extend to the automated creation and assessment of Java quizzes, delivering personalized feedback that blends motivational phrases and chosen emojis to match students’ achievements. Preliminary observations indicate that incorporating emojis into educators' feedback significantly heightens students' emotional engagement and comprehension, illustrating the profound impact of emotional AI on educational practices.




How to Cite

Kumar, Y., Manikandan, A., Morreale, P., & Li, J. J. (2024). Growth Mindset Emojifier Multimodal App. The International FLAIRS Conference Proceedings, 37(1).