Mobile Fog AI for Internet of BattleField Things (IoBT)


  • Sheuli Paul DRDC
  • Marius Silaghi Florida Institute of Technology
  • Veton Kepuska Florida Institute of Technology
  • Akram Alghanmi Florida Institute of Technology
  • Steven Liu Kaiserslautern University



IoBT, Robotics, Mobile Fog AI


New mechanisms provide soldiers automation capabilities that include interactive, mobile, fast, scalable, secured, powerful computational communication in contested environments such as battle fields. Internet of BattleField Things (IoBT) is a technology that develops integrated Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the war of the future. The IoBT connects soldiers with smart technology in armour, radios, weapons, munitions, other objects such as health sensors, GPS, and various IoT devices. These ``things'', objects, or constrained devices can communicate with each other or across existing network infrastructure such as the Internet or network meshes. They most of the time come with limited capacity in terms of memory storage, computational power and energy. IoT, networking (Device Communication (D2D), Peer to Peer Communication (P2P)), machine intelligence, multimodal sensing and fusion are some areas involved in developing interdisciplinary IoBT networks. Our aim is to equip soldiers with AI powered IoBT devices. Existing D2D/P2P/LPWAN based IoBT technology focuses on edge computing devices which are very limited, being slow, insecure, and lack sufficient scalability. We present a novel concept, i.e., Mobile Fog AI for IoBT to overcome existing IoBT limitations.




How to Cite

Paul, S., Silaghi, M., Kepuska, V., Alghanmi, A., & Liu, S. (2024). Mobile Fog AI for Internet of BattleField Things (IoBT). The International FLAIRS Conference Proceedings, 37(1).