Automated Mapping Tool from Moise+ to Colored Petri Nets


  • Ricardo Machado FURG
  • Athur Zelindro FURG
  • Eder Gonçalves FURG
  • Diana Adamatti
  • Giovani Farias



Moise, Petri Net, Multi-Agent, Mapping


The demand for systems incorporating artificial intelligence, such as multi-agent systems, is continually increasing. Simultaneously, there is a growing need for developing tools to support this field, ensuring better fault tolerance within projects. This is particularly crucial given that these systems possess characteristics that render them non-deterministic, thereby amplifying the challenge of conducting tests. To address this challenge, a mapping tool has been developed. This tool automatically generates a graphical model, facilitating the identification of test paths for a given multi-agent system. It operates by taking an XML file from Moise+, an organizational model for multi-agent systems, and translates it into a colored Petri net. The resulting mapping serves as a foundation for generating test cases essential for validating the Moise+ model, guiding system testing. Automation streamlines the process, enhancing speed, and eliminating the potential for human error.




How to Cite

Machado, R., Zelindro, A., Gonçalves, E., Adamatti, D., & Farias, G. (2024). Automated Mapping Tool from Moise+ to Colored Petri Nets. The International FLAIRS Conference Proceedings, 37(1).