AI Tutor: Student's Perceptions and Expectations of AI-Driven Tutoring Systems: A Survey-Based Investigation


  • Fazel Keshtkar St. John's University
  • Neelesh Rastogi Radiology Partners
  • Sebastian Chalarca St. John's University
  • Syed Ahmad Chan Bukhari St. John's University



AI Tutor, Education, Programming, Generative AI, LLMs, Topic Modeling


Generative AI (GenAI) and LLMs have started to influence how teachers teach and students
learn, including the ones in programming languages and tutoring. However, there have been debates on
whether AI could be beneficial to students’ learning or not. One way to see this issue is from the perspectives of the
students. Therefore, this study explored how students perceive the use of AI in their education. The data was
gathered through interviews with 62 students and other stakeholders, such as instructors and IT specialists. The results showed that the students positively perceived using AI as a tutor. Moreover, this study suggests several things to consider when integrating AI tutors for programming. The findings reveal positive student perceptions regarding AI's potential within the teaching-learning process. Students envision AI tutors offering personalized assistance, adapting to individual learning styles, and providing immediate feedback, potentially augmenting their grasp of programming concepts. We applied Statistical analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing techniques such as PCA, t-SNE, LDA, and sentiment analysis.




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Keshtkar, F., Rastogi, N., Chalarca, S., & Bukhari, S. A. C. (2024). AI Tutor: Student’s Perceptions and Expectations of AI-Driven Tutoring Systems: A Survey-Based Investigation. The International FLAIRS Conference Proceedings, 37(1).