Semantic Segmentation with Multispectral Satellite Images of Waterfowl Habitat




Migratory waterfowl (i.e., ducks, geese, and swans) management relies on landscape bioenergetic models to inform on-the-ground habitat conditions and conservation practices. Therefore, conservation planners rely on accurate predictions of wetland habitats for waterfowl at regional scales. Unharvested flooded corn is a popular management tool on public and private lands that greatly increases landscape-level energy compared to other wetlands; thus, landscape bioenergetic models are particularly sensitive to these habitat features. Despite their importance to conservation planning and implementation, the abundance and distribution of unharvested flooded corn fields across North America is unknown. Furthermore, training data is difficult to collect and accurate predictions are challenging given their unique attributes and discreteness at landscape-level lens. Advances in multispectral imagery and deep learning algorithms may enable continuous and autonomous detection of these habitat features. Therefore, we conducted modeling experiments using training data of unharvested flooded corn fields in West Tennessee and multispectral imagery collected from Sentinel-2 satellite missions. We performed several experiments using individual band combination composites and/or vegetation indices to identify optimal bands using MRUNET architectures. We subsequently used 3 ensemble models of important individual networks. We found the use of multispectral bands was necessary and although the CIR composite and OSAVI index improved precision, the 12-band composite increased recall, the metric we were most interested in. Moreover, all ensembles exhibited poor performance. Here, we present results of our initial modeling experiments and suggest future modeling exercises including temporal image and vegetation index stacking using multi-modal and/or recurrent neural network architectures.




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Gannod, M., Masto, N., Owusu, C., Highway, C., Brown, K., Blake-Bradshaw, A., Feddersen, J., Hagy, H., Talbert, D., & Cohen, B. (2023). Semantic Segmentation with Multispectral Satellite Images of Waterfowl Habitat. The International FLAIRS Conference Proceedings, 36(1).



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