Retrieving, Translating, and Archiving, Hubert Ogunde’s Aye


As the rapid evolution into a globalised community progresses, translation across languages becomes a major tool of cross cultural and transnational negotiation. This study is conceived more as a translation of the libretto of Hubert Ogunde’s Ayé for archival and literary purposes.  This is with the understanding that as the contemporary world continues to move centripetally towards globalisation, translation across languages becomes more important than ever. The significance of Hubert Ogunde’s works as precursor to the Nigerian Operatic Alarinjo (Travelling) theatre can only be preserved in translated forms that makes the performance texts retrievable. This paper is divided into five parts: An introduction to the Opera of the Alarinjo School, a synopsis of the opera, Ayé, by Hubert Ogunde, the Translation of the Text of Ayé, the full text of Ayé as produced by Hubert Ogunde in his earliest performance of the opera on stage and a few pictures from the stage performance of Ayé. Hubert Ogunde’s theory, art and performance defined the earliest professional theatrical movement in Nigeria. The preservation of this national theatrical form through translations and storing it in a retrievable format will enhance the preservation of this national treasure.
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