Holland's Integration of Career Theory, Research, and Practice

  • Robert C. Reardon Florida State University


This chapter appears in J. P. Sampson, E. Bullock-Yowell, V. C. Dozier, D. S. Osborn, & J. G. Lenz (Eds.), Integrating theory, research, and practice in vocational psychology: Current status and future directions. Tallahassee, FL: Florida State University. Retrieved from http://journals.fcla.edu/svp2016/.

The chapter is based on a paper presented at the conference of the Society of Vocational Psychology, May 16–17, 2016, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. A video presentation of a preliminary version of this paper may be retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zlFqeBs-hA&index=4&list=PLCsXiACK-LKrVRKb1z_Nw3METZg-SoRFA

Appreciation is expressed to Janet G. Lenz, R. Bob Smith III, and Emily Bullock-Yowell for their comments on an earlier draft of this chapter.

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Keywords: Holland, RIASEC, matching, personality, career, SDS, challenge, opportunity

Section 1: Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice in Vocational Psychology