The Roaming History of Library Storage


  • Benjamin F. Walker University of Florida



The George A. Smathers Libraries has a more than 60 year history of utilizing remote storage. Throughout that time, there have been drastic changes in how storage has been managed. It has historically been a somewhat opportunistic endeavor, utilizing facilities designed for other purposes and acquiring and renovating spaces as funding allowed. This article will highlight efforts by the George A. Smathers libraries to store materials remotely, with a particular focus on the 1990s on. Details of the Florida Academic Repository, including the funding proposals, shared print retention developments, and current status will be discussed. Looking back over the history of storage at UF, the George A. Smathers Libraries has invested substantial effort and money in trying to resolve these space issues, most notably with the FLARE legislative proposals. The inability to secure that funding certainly has impeded progress, but FLARE has found other ways to be an important partner in the storage and shared print movement.




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